Product Information

Capacity: 9cu ft
Inverter Technology: ECONAVI + INVERTER Compressor (Top level Energy Savings)
Dimension:  (HxWxD) 1505x601x656mm
Color: Stainless

A new style in refrigerator. Say hello to a new style of refrigerator that’s ergonomically-designed with a bottom freezer and top fridge.  It lets you put in and take out large, heavy items easily.


Experience more freshness than ever. The Prime Fresh freezing compartment senses when you put in ingredients and keeps them at a steady -3°C, partially freezing them. In this way, raw, frozen items retain nutrients as well as flavour and texture. Better yet, slice meat, poultry, and fish easily and neatly, making meal preparation easier than ever.

Top level energy savings. Its intelligent Inverter Compressor and ECONAVI sensors result in extremely efficient operation for a dramatic energy saving and powerful cooling.

Keep it clean with Silver. The Hygienic AG Clean feature provides a hygienic storage with anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects.

Premium flat design. This fridge showcases a stylish metallic look with cap-less form. The unit comes in an urban cool colour finish and furnished with a frameless flat door to highlight its aesthetically pleasing design.

Bottom Freezer (Easy to access & Less Mixing of Odors)
Prime Fresh
Approx. -3 Degree Celsius
Top Refrigerator design (Easier use)
Prime Fresh Freezing
Automatic Defrost System
Moisture- Retaining Fresh Safe
Hygienic AG Clean
Prime Fresh
Tempered Glass
Exclusive Japan Quality
Stylish Metallic Look Cap-less design
Urban Cool Color Interior Design
Premium Flat Door -Frameless Design
Product Warranty: 1year warranty for major parts / Labor or Service and 12 years warranty on compressor



Promo price is valid until  October 31, 2017


Buyers Guide

9-14cu ft Two Door Refrigerator best recommended for 5-6 people



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9cu ft | ECONAVI + INVERTER Compressor

SRP P24,999 SAVE P4,000

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